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07.08.2009 11:33 | пишет Graham Cluley, Sophos | ссылка

Well, I knew it was the anniversary of Hiroshima... but I didn't believe that it was anything to do with the denial-of-service attack so why should I mention it?

If you're interested in what /was/ probably the cause of Twitter's bad day then read this:


Graham Cluley, Sophos

07.08.2009 14:30 | пишет Леха Андреев | ссылка

Graham, this story about "anti-Russian blogger Cyxymi" is in fact LAST YEAR story. When Livejournal was down in October 2008 they blamed that blogger. We wrote about it, too (see the date):

Is it possible the same primitive trick killed three different sites a year later? I'd agree with you saying "Most people wouldn't have bothered clicking on the link" (in spam letters).

There should be something more serious. I don't say I know for sure really about Hiroshima. Just wonder why no one considers this idea.


08.08.2009 21:13 | пишет Леха Андреев | ссылка

PS. By the way, Graham, are you a security expert or just a PR expert at Sophos?

The reason for this question is pretty simple. In your blog, you've got a post "More Cyxymu spam seen in Sophos spamtraps". You publish a screenshot of that spam letter but you don't publish the SOURCE of that letter (as a security expert would do).

So how can you say "My guess is that these emails aren't really being sent by Cyxymu"?

Look what Mr. Woodcock said in New York Times: he found evidence that the spam attacks had originated from the Abkhazia region. This is the region where the blogger Cyxymu lives. The spam attack came from his homeland. Not from Moscow or Beijing.

So it is pretty possible that blogger named Cyxymu just made some self-promotion.

Ok, we don't know the origins of the other attacks. There were some of them, experts say. The link in spam letters wouldn't do such a mess. There were DDoS-attacks, too.

But why all the "experts" say nothing about the SOURCES of those attacks? Why all of you repeat that one-blogger-excuse?

You can't trace where a spam letter came from? You can't crack the trojan code and find the address where botnet is downloaded from? You are just PR? Boring.


07.08.2009 21:31 | пишет ThreatSTOP | ссылка

Hey guys, when I was interviewed, I in no way pointed the finger @ Russians. Nor, as far as I know, did Paul Ferguson (we're friends). I actually said it was probably some script kiddies. Those are USUALLY Americans. The developers who build ThreatSTOP are Russian, as is my VP of Engineering.
Now, that it coincides with "No Hard Feelings Day" (the tongue in cheek name for the day the US got back @ Japan for Pearl Harbor) is interesting, but probably not the cause, IMNSHO.

07.08.2009 22:05 | пишет Randy Abrams | ссылка

Brain washed? Memory editted? Are you quoting from Pravda?

If the Twitter attack had been due to Hiroshima then the attacker would have done things to make sure the political motivation was known. It seems the least likely explanation. Perhaps it was to celebrate Jamaica gaining it's independence from Britain on August 6th, 1962. Or maybe death penalty opponents commemorating August 6th 1890 when the electric chair was first used. No, it simply didn't have the markings of a political protest against America.

And no, I did not bomb Hiroshima. My parents didn't even know each other then. I am fully aware that the United States used atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki though.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

08.08.2009 00:01 | пишет Леха Андреев | ссылка

> the attacker would have done things to make sure
> the political motivation was known.

Really? What do you think about the wave of DDoS-attacks started on 4th of July?

The attacker is still unknown. Some say the botnet used South Korea zombi computers. Some say the master server was located in UK:

No markings of a political protest against America? 4th of July, The Independence Day?

> I am fully aware that the United States used atomic bombs

Good for you. As to me, I am fully UNaware that Russia used DDoS-attacks against Estonian or Georgian sites. No evidence at all. Yet I hear about these "Russian hackers" almost every day. From US papers.

And now, we are blamed for Twitter! That infantile service for mentally-deprived people with one-line brains. What a Russian on the Earth would be willing to kick down that piece of crap?


08.08.2009 02:04 | пишет Randy Abrams | ссылка

July 4th is pretty high profile, but it does not mean that the timing of the attack was to protest against America. The timing may well have been because the attackers knew that many people would be on holiday that day and so they may be more likely to succeed. My guess though is that it was a south Korean (individual or group) protesting against the US having a military presence in South Korea with South Korea's official consent.

Unlike July 4th though, attacking Twitter is not an overt protest against America, especially since there are so many users from so many different countries. No, I think if a Hiroshima protest was the point, the attackers would have been much more to the point and chosen a serious target instead of a toy web service.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

02.04.2010 12:16 | пишет Гость | ссылка

Twitter and facebook are some of the moron farms of the internet. Wish they took them down completely.

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