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English Digest
About us: Webplanet.ru is the leading Russian online daily on Internet business, life and development. You can use our RSS-feed. For contact: info [doggie] webplanet.ru
translator | 03.10.2006 12:17

At the end of the summer, a representative from Peterhost proposed that access to the content of sites on its hosting be banned for the web crawler of the Webalta search engine. Instead of giving the information to real visitors, the servers had to deal more and more with a web crawler. In response the representatives of the search engine accused the webmasters that they issue the content on the wrong format. It turns out that the people producing the content must not only release it for public access, but feed it to the crawler in bite-size pieces. But do we need the search engines so much that we have to learn the language of these robots and play by their rules? The Internet without a global search engine is the same natural thing as life with a television. This is the kind of Internet, with its mailing lists, newsgroups, forums, blogs and social networks, where people now resolve far more serious matters than that enabled by the universal web crawler.

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translator | 03.10.2006 12:06

Head of the Google Russia office Vladimir Dolgov advised on the creation of corporate blogs in the magazine SmartMoney: "There is no such thing as an online diary without visitor comments. Users must be able to leave postings – after all, a blog is a form of conversation over the Net". Meantime, in September, Google Russia opened a blog without a commentary. The blogs of all foreign departments of the company are made under the same standard: only mail is offered as a means to submit feedback. Other managers give far more intelligible advice. Jean-Paul Bergmans, acting head of the representative office of Sun Microsystems in the CIS, speaks of the dangers of information leaks through blogs. Elena Kolmanovskaya, Editor-in-Chief of Yandex, tells of the natural origins of the corporate blog being in the internal diaries of company staff. Roman Shaternik, head of the Red Graphic office in Russia describes the reasons for a possible rejection of the corporate blog and a return to regular press releases.

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Леха Андреев | 01.10.2006 15:44

Dear English-reading readers! Webplanet.ru is the leading Russian online daily on Internet business, life and development. This summer we came across several publications by western web experts who try to analyze Russian Internet or even make big marketing predictions. We found some of these articles ridiculous, and we realized the language was the main problem. So we start our English version to fix this cultural misunderstanding. First, as a simple digest of shortened news; later, the full text translation service will be built, in cooperation with professional translators from Perevedem.ru translation agency. Every story in our digest is provided with "Read-more-in-Russian" link to the original Russian text. You can use our RSS-feed to get our updates automatically. To contact us, write to info (doggie) webplanet.ru or comment right here, under the news. And have a good reading!

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