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14.02.2008 02:32 | пишет Scott | ссылка

Speaking of rhetoric, have a look at the title of your own post. Calling someone "scared" for wanting to distance themselves politically from someone formerly associated with communist repression is in bad taste, at the very least, especially when you offer no defense for your position. But you seem to be so mired in your own Russianness that you don't have a clue how you sound to non-Russians. Insinuating that anyone who left Russia is just "paranoid" and not worth listening to and that westerners don't have a clue "cos they don't read Russian" reveals some measure of defensiveness on the one hand and arrogance on the other. To illustrate that arrogance all one need do is read the first paragraph of the post linked to in reference to the language barrier: "Americans are lazy to study Russian. But they like to invest. These two things together give us a great opportunity to take money from them." For what value in return? It sounds like you just want to rip off westerners. It goes on to state that "I've seen many cases when the foreign language problem made people look ridiculous." I couldn't agree more. And the more you open your mouth in English, the more ridiculous you appear. Before you look too far down your nose in English at westerners for not studying Russian, you may want to do yourself a favor by learning the English language and the cultures around it better.

14.02.2008 14:15 | пишет Гость | ссылка

I completely agree with you. Indeed your English is much better than that of a Russian. Those arrogant Russians! They fail to speak English properly yet they open their mouth! Nobody will ever want to learn the language of such people! They just have to learn English and learn some culture too before any Westerner would talk to them seriously. How ridiculous is to say that Westerners need to learn Russian to understand Russia! Quite the opposite! Russians need to learn English to finally understand what's going on in their own country. How could they pretend they know their country any better than Westerners? The degree of Russian arrogance is striking. Westerners do speak English after all and they do not need to know any other language or anything else whatsoever to have the right for the final say on any matter in the Universe.

14.02.2008 15:01 | пишет Гость | ссылка


15.02.2008 14:14 | пишет Гость | ссылка

Heh. Sure. I was kidding.

14.02.2008 16:01 | пишет Леха Андреев | ссылка

Hi Scott. This is the author of the post in question. Just want to let you know I lived for a couple of years in the US. I've been to Britain as well. So I've seen enough with my own eyes to say what I say.

Speaking of English cultures: do you ever read the guy who wrote "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal"? I think this is exactly what we got in this situation. Free Software supporters say they care for openness and equal rights. Yet they call some guy "bad" for using Free Software. Why? Because he showed some patriotic views? Is it bad to be a patriot in England or US? Do you call such people "black sheeps" and give them less rights?

With this approach, Free Software ideas will never touch the ground in Russia. Not like in other countries, by the way. Some days ago French police said it moved to Linux. And in Germany, there are some politicians who dislike MS Windows, too. It's ok for them to express their patriotism and to look for alternative OS. But Russia will be Microsofted for some more years 'cos its paranoid children like to scare each other instead of work.


14.02.2008 06:30 | пишет Random Observer | ссылка

Many of the "former Russians" that I've seen in the West are so paranoid and so hateful about their former "motherland" that they appear completely retarded. People who hate their own country are really disgusting...

14.02.2008 13:22 | пишет Sumek | ссылка

Not only westerners think Russia is becoming a dangerous dictatorship. Also your close neighbours. And such posts as yours don't make us change our mind...

14.02.2008 13:34 | пишет Jack | ссылка

Где Я ???

18.02.2008 01:09 | пишет vleo | ссылка

I'm working on this visit and I'm glad to tell you that the "rumors about the death of RMS visit to Russia are strongly exaggerated" :-) pardon my translation

Visa issues were resolved, Alksnis is not the only person that is happy to see Stallman in Russia, grassroots movement for Free Software in Russia is strong and works often in ways invisible - at all levels.

Dates of the visit are March 3rd to 5th 2008.

Vassili Leonov

18.02.2008 03:02 | пишет Гость | ссылка

Outdated news, terrible English. The Udaltsov's mess backs to November 2007 I suppose.

18.02.2008 21:58 | пишет Balla, Czech Republic | ссылка

where you can get in trouble for what you say
where they can confiscate your art works to not allow you exporting them
where the country is under control of one person
there it appears pretty much as dictatorship to me

18.02.2008 23:34 | пишет Леха Андреев | ссылка

> where you can get in trouble for what you say

Harlem, New York?

> where they can confiscate your art works

London maybe? As to Moscow, I managed to walk thru the customs having all my pastels with me as well as the toxic fixative spray for my artworks. No one cared.

> where the country is under control of one person

Here you actually say "my imagination is as poor as Disney's fairy tale". No person can control his own life completely. And you know the one who control the whole country?

18.02.2008 23:44 | пишет Гость | ссылка

"Harlem, New York?"

Yes, yes OBHS :-)

11.03.2008 22:45 | пишет Гость | ссылка

ce e cu asta ???

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29.10.2008 22:43 | пишет mila | ссылка

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02.04.2010 12:06 | пишет anon | ссылка

I fucking love Russia. Wish it stays wild a little longer. Too bad the nineties are over and the western corporate idiocy's creeping in.

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