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Yandex search ads help to collect debts from billionaires

Renova holding (run by Viktor Vekselberg) owes several million rubles to its subcontractors. According to a business newspaper "Marker", collectors ventured into the "information attack" and placed an adverse publicity in "Yandex".

Billionaire Viktor Vekselberg is known not only as a Faberge eggs buyer, but also as a Skolkovo fund co-chairman. His capital is estimated at 10.7 billion dollars, so Renova StroyGroup seems to have no financial problems. However, Renova StroyGroup is not in a hurry to pay small debts to its contractors. According to Moscow Arbitration Court website data, its total debt is only 32 million rubles.

Now collectors are trying to unite all Renova StroyGroup creditors, and bring the problem to media attention. It was decided to place contextual advertising on Yandex, and to file a claim for bankruptcy against the company.

Searching for Renova on the Internet, you will be linked to one of the blog notes, called "Collector Development Centre", which outlines the steps being taken to recover the debt.

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